CVE-2018-15907 # Exploit Title:- Techniclor Formerly RCA TC8305C Wireless Gateway 802.11b/g/n GigaPort x 4 Port Router w/ 2-Voice Lines XFINITY / COMCAST – Buffer Overflow


1- Connect to Technicolor TC8305C WiFi device/router.


Screenshot from 2018-08-28 02-13-25


2.Check your system connection/device information-

In Terminal,Type –  ifconfig



3- Open terminal with “root” access=>

Type “macof -i ens33 -n 990000000” and hit enter.



5- Just wait for few minutes..



6. You can see here,its buffering a page. Internet not working now and after few minutes it’ll fully disconnect.






7. Boom! Now here you can see, connection disconnected from a device/router.



8. Try to connect a device/router for internet connection but unfortunately not connected.



Solutions of again internet access or connect to WIFI device:


1- You have to reboot your router and Operating System also .





=========Thank You!===========

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