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Proxmark 3 Kit

This device can read and copy RFID tags, which are used all over the place as a way to track items using the tags’ specific electromagnetic frequency. Copy that signature and you can gain access to, well, whatever that tag has access to.



10. Keyllama 4MB USB Value Keylogger

The keylogger does exactly what its name suggests: Log every last bit of activity of the keyboard it’s monitoring. This one installs completely covertly — no software can detect it’s there — and can record as much as a year’s worth of typing. An alleged favorite of certain enterprising former University of Iowa students.

9. HackRF One

An incredibly powerful radio transmitter and receiver, this is capable of all sorts of funky manipulations. It can even be used to unlock car doors… or so we’re told.

8. Tomssmartcam Mini Hidden Camera USB

Covert spy cameras are all the rage, and this one is perhaps the most naturally hacker-friendly, as it’s looks like — and is — a regular USB stick. It can record anywhere for up to two hours, then immediately slot into a computer, videos ready to be viewed. It also works like a normal USB, in case someone also needs you to transfer some spreadsheets or something.

7. EyeSpy Digital Spy Recorder

It literally calls itself a bug. The thing can record for 140 hours with just the flip of a switch, only recording when people are actually talking.

6. Alfa Network Adapter

If you’ve ever wanted to hack a wifi network, this is one of quite a few adapters that is set up for the purpose of monitoring other networks and passively sending out data. Not that you should want to hack a wifi network. You shouldn’t want to do any of the things on this list. Just so we’re clear.


4. Ubertooth One

This is capable of monitoring and tracing any nearby bluetooth devices. This would have been even more useful a few years ago, when bluetooths seemed like they were exclusively the domain of loud business jerks who needed to be kept a close eye on, but still very cool.